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I've just published my front-end developments setup on Github to let you guys play with it and make some tries.

The bootstrap comes with a Grunt script to generate outputs and is based on Typescript on the javascript side and Sass on the styling part. I also shipped the Angular framework and the Twitter bootstrap styling in it.

You can go directly to the project page if you do not want to get more details about why I chose this setup.

So, let me explain a little why I chose this setup and why this is my personal opinion of course…

First of all, on the javascript programming side I've chosen Typescript. It allows you to transform pure javascript programming through the superset and to declare strong typed variables. This last point is the most interesting, imagine that you have a thousand lines of code of pure javascript (the size of a real web application in production) that you've made 2 years ago and that you need to edit because of a hidden bug causing a BSoD in all main browsers… Having weak typed variables don't really allows you to ensure that they contains what they should contain and moreover you have to read all preceding source code to double check the expected variable type… Thanks to typescript you doesn't have this problem, you can explicitly declare your variables and simplify the source code maintenance. The other main superset used in the market is Coffeescript. Coffee script looks very good too, the only reason I haven't chosen this other option is for the syntax. I'm more used to Java/C# like programming but I think that Coffeescript will please all Ruby coders.

In order to speed up the coding process, I also like the Angular framework for his straight forward programmatic style. Integrating directly the view in the HTML DOM and the testing framework is a win to win brilliant concept. There is a LOT of others framework based on the MVC model but after using Backbone, Maria and Ember the easy and fast prototyping allowed with Angular conquered me.

On the Styling side, I used Sass as the superset of CSS. Why using a superset of CSS ? It allows you to define reusable blocks, variables and to define operations in different units. This is the main reasons I like to use Sass but the other most known CSS extension known as LESS is also a great alternative.
You can check both options and stick with the one you like the most. For me, it also was a syntax based decision.

I've also included the Twitter bootstrap package that help a lot to design web applications thanks to the predefined grid and components.

I'll let you clone, fork, try and test the bootstrap and I hope that it will please you as mush as myself :)

Have fun.

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