GitHub 3D File Viewer

STL Files

STL files stand for stereolithography files. Those files are mainly used to represent manufacturing 3D objects. This is why this format mainly contain the surface geometry data which is different from others formats who also take up textures, luminosity and others informations.

GitHub STL Viewer

GitHub provides since April 2013 an STL file viewer in an attempt to promote home 3D printing. This viewer let you previsualize these files and is based on Three.js. You can check it out on some really interesting repositories.

GitHub STL Diff Viewer

In September 2013 they've released a diff visualizer for these 3D STL files. This is a very cool feature easing collaborative 3D model design and improvements. Looks like it's working using BSP Tree comparisons but you can check it on the Blog post.


Hope those features will help people in their 3D modeling so they can release them for the entire world.

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