Why MySQL ?


I didn't get a lot of time lastely to post on the Blog. Got a lot of work and tried a lot of new stuff (yeah).

One of these new tool that I used is the MariaDB, the opensource fork of MySQL when Oracle bought it. So I made a try for a new project that we'll need to code.

MariaDB was so easy to install and I double checked MySQL compatibility and it looks like that they are almost the same, event the binaries used in MariaDB bundle use the same executables names !!!

The project is maintained by almost the same team that developed the base engine, this could be a mark of quality because they know the project really well. So I checked online and seen that some benchmarks show that MariaDB in a lot of cases works better than MySQL !!!

So I told myself, "Why still using MySQL maintained by a company that I don't have in my heart that shows lower performances and not go to an opensource project developed and maintained by the original team ?". And just one reason was making sense : habit. I was so used to use this database that I've never took the time to check others alternatives. Habits kills innovation, when you get used to a technology you should make a break and try new alternatives because sometimes we make choices without thinking and our customaries make all the work.

This is the lesson of the day then : have a try to new technologies and make your own mind about it before getting used to the easy choice of habits.

Have a nice week end and I hope that my advice will not be in vain :)

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